VFG believe in making uncompromising vegan food accessible to everyone, everywhere at every mealtime.

VFG’s mission is to encourage consumers to make informed food choices and advocate for a more sustainable and ethical food industry.

Our vegan brands

VFC brings chef-led, vegan chicken alternatives without compromise. Feel-good convenience food that tastes so cluckin’ good. At VFC we believe all food should taste good while doing good for animals and the planet.

Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm is farming for a better future. Creating fresh plant-based foods that provide the taste, texture and nutritional content of meat in order to protect the planet by ending intensive factory farming.


Expertly crafted using nutritious plant-based ingredients, and the tastiest veg combinations. Clive’s products are packed full of flavour and are guaranteed to satisfy everyone.


For further information about our mission, our brands or potential acquisitions please email: info@veganfoodgroup.org